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Reflection on 4/20: at our best when it’s boring…

April 20th is a day that conjures many feelings and memories.  For some, it’s their birthday and that’s wonderful.  For others, it is a day to use marijuana (destroy some brain cells, contribute to possible paranoia, and fund community destruction).  This day is also the anniversary of Adolph Hitler’s birth, the Waco Branch Davidian massacre, the killings at Columbine high school, and on 4/19 in 1995 a terrorist bombing destroyed the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.  2012’s 4/20 was un-eventful in the destructive sense or was it?  Don’t get me wrong, we need to highlight the beauty and great things that happen as well, everyday.  For example, yesterday:

– Huge groundwater sources realized to exist throughout the continent of Africa deep beneath the surface click link:

–  Central High School in Phoenix, AZ successfully engaged their campus of more than 1000 students, from throughout the world in World Peace Day activities and discussions regarding bullying, social justice, and sustainability.

– The first day of Ridvan began in the evening for the Baha’i world community.

These are great stories, that deserve recognition.  Yet, no major coverage from various news outlets or even local media.  When the horrific occurs by the hands of humans or nature, the news is buzzing.  That buzzing stirs emotions in the masses to count their blessings, cherish their loved ones, and even act spontaneously altruistic to strangers.  Here’s the point:


Let us reflect on how we can be thankful, loving, generous, and community minded when it’s just “another day.”  I think if we save our grace for when the unthinkable happens, we are conditioning ourselves and the next generation to be a reactive community that is motivated by the worse to mobilize.  We have the power to shift this paradigm and be motivated daily to proactively mobilize our communities to do amazing acts.  A culture of protagonists that act to promote unity, justice, and peace is within us and can actually prevent the short term “shot in the arm” reactionary ways because the proaction would have prevented the painful acts.

With Love, calvin

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For more than 20 years, people have accessed me by word of mouth.  Things have been going really amazing for me and my company Social Centric, yet, at the same time, I feel conflicted at being so busy with work due to the level of pain and disillusionment in our world.  I do a good deal of work for proactive purposes while simultaneously being in high demand for reactionary services. This reality has propelled me to develop this site, the Social Centric Institute, and the Social Centric Camps to share knowledge of what has been effective and assist the process of people becoming protagonist in their spheres of influence.  I look forward to collaborating with you to better this world.  Blessings to you and yours!

Justice then peace,