Assemblies, Keynotes & Workshops

These are programs that Calvin is regularly contracted to deliver.  Depending upon your needs, these services can be tailored to suit your intentions while maintaining the integrity of the program.  At the end of each summary written below are codes that denote audiences and venues where that particular piece has been most relevant.  Refer to the key on the right side of this page for code clarification.  Click on the arrow to read the summary.

Many organizations have contracted Calvin to do multiple sessions of different programming within a concentrated amount of time.  For example, in one day, Calvin has often presented two “Cowards to Warriors” assemblies for students, facilitated a “Cowards to Warriors” workshop as a follow-up for a specific group, delivered a staff presentation on “Enhancing A Learning Culture,” and closed the day with a community night presentation on a “Spectrum of Violence or Virtue” for parents/guardians and families.  More long term comprehensive programming of these topics is dependent upon your intentions and resources.  Flexibility is an essential element of all Calvin’s work, contact us for details.

[learn_more caption=”Enhancing a Learning Culture”]This experience engages participants to reflect how conflicting perspectives can create hostile work environments and undermine productivity. Through a presentation of sequential levels, participants will examine their role in this process and what they could do to prevent escalation. This experience has been effective in various venues: staff retreats, convocations, transitions in leadership or paradigm shifts, prevention initiatives, and the kick-off or promotion of action plans. The essence of organizational culture is found in either the health or dysfunction of each institution. (AD, YO, CO, AK, CL, SK, WT)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Cowards to Warriors”]This presentation examines bullying, prejudices, and diversity. By giving real life scenarios that spark profound introspection on the roles we play with family, friends, peers, and strangers.  All are challenged to examine their actions and inactions. Calvin receives every group and adapts each presentation according to the developmental appropriateness and their specific cultural nuances. His ability to specify the content while sustaining the integrity of the message comes from years of learning and delivering this message throughout the country: from large cities in California and New England to the rural plains of Wyoming and North Dakota, as well as the suburbs of Arizona, Virginia, and Minnesota. This presentation is an ideal supplement to any bullying prevention programming, character education kick-off or justice training. Thousands of children, youth, and adults across the United States have stated that this presentation has dramatically impacted their life and sparked more authentic relationships. (AD, JR, YO, EL, CO, AK, CL, WT)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”SMART & Popular”] This program will engage elementary aged children in activities, art, discussion, singing, and storytelling about how they use their power. As a former classroom teacher, Calvin understands the stress and beauty of teaching. His experience with teaching and years of service in the field of justice and peacemaking have helped him to transform abstract ideas into simple and profound concepts that children easily grasp. If you want to address bullying, class “drama”, “tattling vs telling,” and create a group of empowered young peacemakers, then you want a SMART & Popular presentation and comprehensive training. (AD, EL, AK, CL, CO, WK)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Two Lives”] In this training, the tools of role-play, drawing, writing, and discussion will give participants an opportunity to introspect on the messages they receive, their capabilities, and their future. These messages contribute to either positive or negative self images and choices. In this workshop, students will be coached to create a graphic novel that represents their journey, using multiple intelligences.
(AD, JR, YO, AK, CL, WT)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=” …and Justice for All: Achievement in 21st Century USA”] Student achievement is a subject of intense controversy. Many learning institutions are perplexed with the task of achieving high test scores, while simultaneously creating a healthy social climate drawing out students’ full capacities, facilitating individual connectedness, and educating the whole person. The concepts and curriculum of this experience are meant to enhance collaboration between all stakeholders: students, educators, and community to examine the achievement gap in the United States in the context of history and justice. (AD, JR, YO, CO, CL, SK, WT)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Power & Privilege”] This workshop addresses how the social construct of race divides humanity into segments and the results of this division. Heightened awareness of how race intersects and effects dynamics of every aspect of society and culture is fundamental in this process. In this experience, all participants will develop a greater understanding of racial dynamics, elevate racial discourse, and discover authentic ways to collaborate for systemic justice. (AD, JR, YO, CO, AK, CL, SK, WT)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Sustaining a 21st Century Global Village”] Based upon current data, participants will journey through a series of presentations that synthesize and examine global demographics. The goal of this process is to provide participants with information beyond national parameters, engage them in experiential learning, emphasize the call for preparedness for living in a global society, engage in serving justice, and heighten understanding regarding the interdependence of all life for planet sustainability. Individuals walk away from this experience empowered with knowledge to be confident change agents. (AD, JR, YO, CO, AK, CL, SK, WT)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”MRS”] The ancient dysfunction of sexism retards the advancement of humankind and destroys the sustainability of life on Earth. This is an experience facilitated by a man to constructively confront oppressive and dysfunctional manhood. This is also an experience designed to generate authentic collaboration, engaging men and women to confront sexism, gender prejudice, and promote equity. (AD, JR, YO, CO, AK, CL, SK,WK)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Spectrum of Violence or Virtue”] Participants get an opportunity to discuss perspectives on the spectrum of violence and receive information on the diversity of violence. With this information, participants will be facilitated to assess the violence around them and discuss creative solutions. (AD, EL, JR, YO, CO, AK, CL, SK,WK)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=” D.R.E.A.M. Construction”] Next to religion, science, politics, and currency, media is one of the most powerful instruments used by humanity. This learning process aims to familiarize participants with how human emotions, perceptions, and practices are affected and orchestrated by media. Participants are given the tools to analyze and understand these influences. (AD, JR, YO, CO, CL, WK)[/learn_more]