[box] “Calvin’s candor, wisdom, and captivating dynamics have made a lasting measurable impression on the students, staff, and parents, who turned out in record numbers, for the evening workshops he facilitates. Everyone needs to experience his knowledge and passion for community building.”

Edith M., Assistant Superintendent for High Schools, Tucson Unified School District[/box]

[box] “I have been a coward caught up in following the crowd and not my heart. I will do my best to be a warrior. Thank you. I think every 13yr old needs this experience, doesn’t matter if they are a gangbanger or school boy.”

– Anthony V., Middle School student/delegate from a Social Centric camp experience[/box]

[box] “My son is not the same. He talked and talked to me about his experience, he cried, and even hugged me. This all coming from a boy who just a few days ago would barely look at me and only had negative things to say. Thank you so much for your work and bringing smiles back to our home.”

– Margaret C., single mom of teens whose son attended a Coward to Warriors workshop[/box]

[box] “This training transcended the usual Diversity Awareness experience that is often saturated with theory and ideas that even reinforce stereotypes. Calvin’s breath of knowledge and experience challenged us with real life scenarios and compelled us to examine our unexamined perception we have of ourselves within the company of “others.” This was a priceless opportunity for a person, me, who typically operates in a critique mode of others.”

– Allan W., Corporate Council Executive, Discovery Center Hartford, CT[/box]

[box]“I thought it was superb.  I thought he was smart, funny with a gigantic beating heart.  Really, great job.  Truly one of the best outside speakers I’ve ever experienced here.”

– Sheri S., Executive Producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show & Harpo Productions President[/box]

[box]“Cops are a tough audience and you captivated the whole group and built trust while challenging them at the same time, that is a gift.”

– Rose L., School Resource Officer and D.A.R.E. Treasurer[/box]

[box]“This was the most beneficial training regarding relationships with my peers and students I have ever experienced in all my years of teaching.”

– Lori W., Shaker Heights Elementary School Teacher, 20 plus year veteran[/box]

[box]”We brought Calvin in with an expectation that this was going to be a typical “diversity” seminar.  We were surprised by the honesty and amazing quality of his work.  He got rough guys to get into their heart and be surprisingly real about issues.  He really helped us out after dealing with the shooting at the Hartford Brewery.  Calvin is great and I’m thankful we found him.

-Paul L., Fire Chief of Manchester Fire Department in Manchester, CT (see picture below)[/box]


[box] “Calvin Terrell was part of our State required training for preparing teachers to teach ELL students. Calvin’s presentations help teachers understand the effects of discrimination, and create empathy and high expectations for all students. His contributions were critical in helping our district create a climate of high expectations and unconditional caring for all students!

Calvin also has done presentations for students and parents to empower them to change their community. His presentations at one school for students and parents were so effective that one group of empowered parents and their children formed “Comunidad Unida”; two years later they continued to meet to create unity and serve their community and school.”

– Marilyn S., Language Acquisition Director Creighton Elementary School [/box]

[box]“As a faculty associate for ASU, one of the classes I taught was BLE 407, a required class for secondary students to prepare them to teach English language learners. One class of 50 students was particularly challenging and resented having to take a class to serve English language learners. Calvin Terrell presented to them, helped them examine their own attitudes and prejudices, and in one class period was able to skillfully change their attitudes, which remained positive for the remainder of the semester.”

-Marilyn S., Faculty Associate Arizona State University[/box]

[box]The National Teen Leadership Program has been fortunate to have Calvin speak at every camp we’ve operated in the past 4 years.  98% of our student attendees have scored his presentation as “Excellent,” including those that have returned to hear him again and again.  On the strength of those recommendations, NTLP and Calvin teamed up to do full one-day Diversity Day sessions, which again have been held to rave reviews.  The most important testimonial we receive from his presentations is that his message is ‘life-changing.” We believe that if every student, young and old, could attend the workshops held by Calvin Terrell, our world would definitely be a better place for all. 

-Laura Segura, Executive Director, National Teen Leadership Program[/box]

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