About Calvin

Calvin PictureCalvin Terrell is founder and lead facilitator of Social Centric; an organization he designed to provide education and training for all ages to enhance human interactions and global progress. He is a former Assistant Director of the National Conference for Community Justice/Anytown USA Arizona Region. He has taught for Upward Bound at Arizona State University and the Arizona National Guard’s Freedom Academy. For more than twenty years, Calvin has lectured, trained, and lead comprehensive workshops for valuing diversity, equity, and justice building in schools, corporations, and civic organizations for thousands of adults, children, and youth throughout the United States.

Some organizations Calvin has rendered services to are:

  • Colorado River Indian Reservation, Fort McDowell, White Mountain Apache, other Tribal Nation youth gatherings, and Osborn Elementary School District Native American Parent Education Program (workshops on Indigenous Solidarity, 21st century parenting, and ongoing prejudice/internalized oppression prevention trainings)
  • AZ Adult and Youth Probation Departments (workshops at El Puente Conference on Latino Solidarity and prevention of internalized oppression, statewide conference keynote and workshop on racial/generational prejudice, xenophobia, and youth violence prevention work)
  • Lambda Phi Epsilon, Oldest Asian American Fraternity, Keynotes for conference and facilitation of collaboration dialogues on intra-racial collaboration among Asian American communities and inter-racial collaborative efforts with wider community.
  • Stanford University student government, first year student, and identity associations retreat on systemc justice and enhancing culture of the university.
  • Human Rights Campaign in Washington D. C. (lectures in Historical Black Colleges and Universities on Black Solidarity, GSA initiatives re: homophobia, internalized oppression prevention, and social justice workshops)
  • Girl Power Conference at Arizona State University West (keynote on male responsibility to gender equality and justice workshops)
  • City of Flagstaff (on going generational/racial justice and parent trainings for Police Department. Community mediations/facilitated dialogues after fatal shooting of a teen by officer, LGBTQ recognition as protected groups, Tribal nation concerns of usage reclaimed water on San Francisco Peaks)
  • City of Phoenix Head Start (keynotes for summer and winter conferences on racial prejudice and investing in the arts, facilitate ongoing workshops on organizational change, communication, and global diversity)
  • Muhammad Ali Center and Museum in Louisville, KY (assisted in development of a permanent youth interactive display)
  • International Conference of Parks & Recreation (lectures on elements of underground Hip Hop culture uses as tools for constructive social change and racial prejudice prevention)
  • Minority Student Achievement Network (keynote and panelist at Cleveland Conference on closing the achievement gap in schools, ongoing consultation and services provided to Connecticut State Education Resource Center, Cleveland Municipal, and Paradise Valley school Districts related to race based disparities in achievement, violence prevention, staff development on power/privilege understanding, and student trainings/workshops)

Calvin has received awards and honors from Arizona Affirmative Action, Davis Monthan Air Force Base, various religious institutions, and the year 2000 city of Phoenix Martin Luther King, Jr. “Living the Dream” award for his dedication to human rights. A compelling story about Calvin’s work with youth is featured in the book “Chicken Soup for the African American Soul” of the Chicken Soup series. Calvin’s reputation for excellence and sustainable impact have afforded him collaborative venues with Chief Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Janet Napolitano, and even prompted Harpo Inc., Oprah Winfrey’s production company, to seek out and contract him to provide justice seminars for Harpo employees and coaching for management. Calvin is an educator/healer at his core. He employs techniques that are engaging, relevant to all populations, multidisciplinary, and integrate modern advances of technology or research partnered with ancient arts of storytelling and visualization. Calvin’s greatest motivations are his marriage of 20plus years, four children, faith, and service to humanity; he is a vigilant spiritual evolutionary, servant of justice, and peaceful warrior of critical thought.