Fasting For Forgiveness

The Forgiveness Fast and Black Friday Resistance are initiatives of virtue; truthfulness, compassion, empathy, honor, self discipline, and justice to name a few. We encourage you to find the courage to download these images, make flyers, start a campaign in your school community place of worship or on the internet to get others to live in truth and honor the ancestors of this land. WE are calling all backgrounds, beliefs, and colors of humankind to earn our humanity. Whether your ancestors were slaves, slavers, or somewhere in the middle, is not the point. Honor all their memories by healing the transgressions and honoring the struggle. Transform a lie about genocide into independent investigations for truth and flip materialistic rituals into sociospiritual interracial multigenerational diverse experiences.

Print these out, make copies, distribute and dialogue about truth and justice.

Fasting for Forgiveness Packet

Fasting for ForgivenessIn the United States, the day known as “Thanksgiving” has become a time for family and friends to come together for feast and fellowship. The spirit of family and friends coming together is wonderful energy that deserves protection. The foundation of the day now known as “Thanksgiving” is where indignity, misinformation, and dishonor rests. Many peoples throughout the Earth will fast, abstain from food and drink, as a symbol of purification, reverence, and especially atonement for transgressions. The Social Centric Institute would like to invite all backgrounds, beliefs, and colors of humankind living within these lands now called the United States of America to join us on this day and henceforth every fourth Thursday of November on the Gregorian calendar to fast for the culturecide and genocidal assault on Native or First Nations peoples of these lands. We encourage those of compassionate and just minds to not criticize others, but rather invite family and friends to fast as a symbol of respect, reverence, and atonement. Instead of material food consumption, we encourage you to fill your hearts with prayers, conversations about justice, stories of authentic interracial collaboration, and soulful song. If you are the only one at your gathering fasting, be comforted that the ancestors of this land, both the oppressed and oppressors, are with you in spirit and smile with thanks for your disciplined and healing efforts. All my relations….




DeconstructingDeconstructing the Myths of “The First Thanksgiving” is a compilation and powerful source for dialogue.  It contrasts the often accepted myths about the day called “Thanksgiving” next to facts compiled by indigenous/ Native peoples of the lands where many first European immigrants landed, now called New England.

Please download this compilation, make copies, read it, discuss it, create artistic expressions related to it, hold events where it will be the point of focus, etc.

Deconstructing the Myths (Thanksgiving)

We implore you to please not sell the compilations or attempt to use it as an instrument for profit, this is free information for the world to learn.




Discounting “Fasting for Forgiveness” consider this…

SederWhat if the Nazis won?  What if NO foreign forces stormed the shores of Europe to liberate Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, people with disabilities, Unionists, Serbs, Gays, Lesbians, etc. from oppressive enslavement and genocidal tactics by Nazis?  What if 400plus years after 1939, the beginning of Blitzkrieg, the inhabitants of Nazi conquered lands would celebrate an annual “Seder” as a commemoration of when Nazis and Jews encountered one another to have their first Seder?  No foreign forces ever showed up to stop an American Blitzkrieg called Manifest Destiny.  No foreign forces liberated Indigenous people, from lands now called the Americas and Africa, from bondage or genocide.  The conquering forces that invaded these lands did indeed win and wrote “His-story” as a history to rationalize brutality.  “Thanksgivings” were done by indigenous people regularly before colonization to praise the Creator and the blessings of food, family, shelter, and love.  If you think the analogy of Nazis celebrating a Seder is ridiculous, then rethink the genocidal celebration known as “thanksgiving.”  No more consumption of false information, food, or forsaken morality.  Fast for Forgiveness 11/28/13. …all my relations…




Starting @12pm on 11/28/13 do not eat or drink anything until 12am 11/29/13.

(if you are an elder, sick or ailing, with child, nursing, or menstruating, please modify your fast according to your capacities)
  • Avoid shaming or “shouldin” on those who do not Fast. “If you don’t should on me I won’t should on you!” Just stand or sit firm in your conviction.
  • Initiate conversations about Justice, racial healing or unity, and social action through one on one dialogues, watching a documentary instead of “Bread and Circuses gladiator fights” called football or reading historical accounts of the day called “Thanksgiving” or downloads from this site.
  • Pray for the ancestors (the slaves, slavers, and bystanders), Pray for the present, & Pray for the future!


I am fastingShare!

On your day of fasting for forgiveness, we want you to take a picture with this sign held up in front of yourself and anyone participating with you.  Please make Vines, Instagram, Tweet it, and post on Facebook.  We have a Facebook page called “Forgiveness Fast!”  Please post your pics there and write a short blurb about your experiences.  Don’t guilt anyone or “should on” people, stand or sit in your power.  Thank you.


No consumption of false information, food, or forsaken morality…

 All who fast do so at their own risk. If you are in questionable physical health or using drugs or medication of any kind, including alcohol, please consult with a physician. If you are under 18, please get the permission of a parent or guardian. Calvin Terrell or the Social Centric Institute is not responsible for any injuries or damages that could result.

Resist ConsumptionResist Consumption

Resist the ritual of materialistic consumption called “Black Friday” connected to many human, animal, and environmental exploitations.  Make Black Friday a day where the world “black” means beautiful experiences with people consuming time, delicious discussion and food, song, prayer, stories, and or dance with friends, family, and coworkers about racial healing, racial unity of all people, joy, justice, and peace.  Justice, not only possible, inevitable!

Aho-In Lak’ech-Aloha-Allah’u’abha…

Share the following picture and start a dialogue…

Black Friday Media Picture